Tuesday, April 20, 2010

life as of lately.

Well friends.
lately we've been up to this:
SCHOOL. work. SCHOOL. eating. SCHOOL. sleeping. SCHOOL. homework. SCHOOL SCHOOL. dreaming of summer. SCHOOL. preparing for finals. SCHOOL. and a little bit of fun squeezed in there as well. mostly on the weekends. or trying to have fun while writing 14 page papers (k) and reading income tax planning text books (t-- definitely not k). amongst the fun is going to the anniversary inn/chili's date and rolling some easter eggs/getting our first snow-cone of the season.
DON'T YOU WORRY... i have documented each of these via photographs. of course. so take a little look below and you will see, life as of lately for the Perkes (minus pictures of school, what we spend most of our time doing).

Ohh hey T.
this is me sneaking in front of the camera. Rare occurrence.
on to our chili's dinner/anniversary stay we go!
we slept in a tipi. yep.
this is not the real moon-- just a fake one that lit up in our room. SO cool.
queso dip at chili's. yum yum.
oh your second bedroom doesn't look like this? weird.
T and the easter eggs.
wayyy too many seagulls for comfort.
just an egg i dyed and dedicated to T.
isabel rolling eggs.
brooks blowing some bubbles.
abby blowing some bubbles.
isabel and her blue snow-cone.
tyson doing some ordering.
breaking out the flip flops!
T and Izz.

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Jessica Lynn said...

hahahahhahhahaa you slept in a tipi.