Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Lauren Lou Lou.

Here is the latest little shoot I did with my niece Lauren, who is 10 months old. She's adorable, energetic, sassy and so much fun to have around! Oh and not to mention one of the HAPPIEST babies ever. Seriously!
We got to play with her a little bit this weekend while we were in Springville. Here are a couple pictures from the shoot! {It was just a quick one, but she was a shining star!}

Also, blogger makes images look not as good as the really are. I am trying to figure out how to change this-- because I have seen some photos on other blogs with better quality. I also which my images were bigger. Any advice?

Well here are the pictures of Lauren! Ah-- what a cutie.

BLUE blue eyes.
Love that squished up face.
probably my favorite from the bunch!
i loved her little ponytail in this one!
what a cute shirt from grandma natalie!
love her.
she was so excited about the cadbury eggs her mother was holding above her.
happy, happy.
the tongue! so cute.
another favorite.
The end!

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Hannah said...

OH MY HECK! adorable!!! Katie you are AMAZING! You are just getting better and better! I love love love that you are taking pictures of babies now too! You are WAY good at it! I can't wait until you can take pictures of my babies :)