Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Eggsellent Weekend.

Hi, my name is Katie and I'm a blog-a-holic.

Okay, I am kind of blog crazy lately. I can't help it!
I like to document things.
I like to write them down.
And who doesn't love reading about our awesome and overly exciting life, right?!

Anyway. I apologize for being a little blog crazy. I'm not really working on it, so just deal with it (those 7 people who read this).

This post features our Conference/Easter weekend. There is a plethora of photos and I could've posted more. Enjoy them if you want, because I sure do.

So since I documented the weekend in photos, I will write briefly about our weekend.

Friday: organized the apartment a bit. drove to springville. ate homemade pizza made by camille at the Hafen casa. tyson played soccer, hide and seek, hot and cold and easter egg hunts. what a great uncle! (i did hear the kids say today that they have two favorite uncles--Tyson and Brandon, of course). we also saw the last song, just because i read the book-- which i loved. the movie was good too, but not as good as the book, of course.
Saturday: conference. priesthood session for Tyson, girls/kid night at the clyde residence. ate food. talked. etc. then watched home videos--which are the BEST.
Sunday: conference. delicious dinner. conference. barbie jeepin'. dessert. back to logan.

It was a great weekend. I love seeing my family and spending time with them! It was a lot of fun and my niece Lauren who is afraid of strangers didn't even cry when i held her! It was a bonding weekend for us. Right Laur?

Family is awesome. My family. My in-laws. I love them all. We have fun with both families and are so blessed to both have great ones! We love you all!

OK. too many words. so sorry. :)

Photo time:

We ate some subway.
I made these: Easter style.
Of course, we had to have some of THESE little babies.
Muddie Buddies are a classic. Wow-- we ate healthy.
We also took some of these.
My dad did a little of this.
We watched some of these. They were the best!
And of course a little of this!
We woke up Easter morning to THIS white, fluffy stuff.
Our Easter baskets! and of course, the milk jug.
German pancakes. love 'em.
A delicious conference breakfast.
Fancy Easter dinner.

See the next post for more photos from our Easter weekend!


tifsong said...

i LOVE your pictures katie. they are so clear and pretty. and just.. i can't think of the word. i'm trying. i'll get back to you. don't worry it's a good word. i really love your photography dear.
maybe someday when i get married, i'll hire you. ☺

WendyandGabe said...

Uh-oh. Don't let grandma hear you calling them "German Pancakes." They will always be hootnanny's in her book! Cute pictures.

Katie and Tyson Perkes said...

Tiffani- you are too kind. really. that means a LOT and you made my day!

Wendy- Funny you say that! I wanted to put hootnanny, but I couldn't think of how you would spell that. Haha! They are definitely always hootnanny's in my book too!

Michelle said...

Katie LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures. seriously you are getting soooo good :]

love m.