Monday, October 18, 2010

Scary Faces and Haunted Houses.

The party was a success. My Grandma did a superb job on the decor and the food was very delish. All the little kiddos loved it! We had to step out to attend a wedding reception, but while we were gone, everyone decorated their own "haunted house" to accompany the theme of haunted houses. I have no pictures of this, sadly, but I did get to see the end results! Loved the creativity shown by my cute cousins/nieces & nephews. Kids are awesome.

My "photobooth" idea needs to be perfected and I have many ideas of how to make it even better. Although, we got some good shots that I will be posting below. I can't wait to make it even better. I love the idea of a photo booth and portraits, it has my brain reeling for fun ideas including a possible Halloween Portrait idea... stay tuned and check the photo blog to see if it happens. :)

We spent the night at my Grandma's, which was so fun for me, since it's something I hadn't done in years. I loved waking up in the morning to the smell of sourdough pancakes and being greeted by my energetic cousins and my sweet Grandma. 

Enjoy some of our "photo booth" photos and stay tuned for more perfected photo booths from me in the future. 

 The Brev-ster.
 Ry Guy.
 Ryan Ross.
 Miss Em.
 The Halloween Twins.
 Yes, even I have a scary side.
 So does the Mr.
 Kace Face.
 LoLo, the cutest "scary" face ever.
 Emily and McKenna.
 Eric Eric.
 Spooooky dinner.
 Take two.
 Tyson and the scary man.
 Melia and her date.
 Secret potion.
Post-dinner football game.

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Natalie Clyde said...

Thank you! I really wanted to see pictures, but no one has obliged yet! Thanks for keeping your blog up to date!