Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandma's Halloween Party.

G & G Egbert on the left. We love Grandma Clyde too. :)

My awesome Grandparents have spent the past two and a half years living between Hawaii and Alaska. Sounds like the life, eh? Well they have recently returned back to their home in Lewiston, which is close to us, so we are grateful to have them back! 

One really good thing, amongst many others, about them being back is my Grandma’s annual Halloween party. It kind of came to a halt when they were away, but it’s back and we couldn’t be happier! Tyson is very excited, probably because of all the great things we’ve told him about it. This is a Halloween party like no other. HOURS of preparation go into it. There’s a spooky dinner held in the greatly decorate dining room, which is never the same year to year. The spooky dinner is always followed by a spooky dessert, like the year we had “I-Scream” ice cream, complete with edible eye balls found in the ice cream. All this delectable food is followed by of course, a scary movie (The Ghost of Mr. Chicken is a frequently occurring scary movie at the Halloween party). 
There may be other events in-between, each year is different! This year, I am planning on setting up a scary face/spooky photo booth to entertain the children while they anxiously wait to enter the dining room.

Anyway, the party is going to be this Friday and we cannot wait! We may have even tie dyed some shirts last night in Halloween colors to wear. Only photos will be evident of what will go on and what ensembles will be wore to Grandma’s Halloween Party. Scaring the L out of Grandchidren one year at a time.


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