Sunday, October 10, 2010

this is halloween.

First of all, I have discovered this unknown love for Halloween this year. Yes I've enjoyed Halloween in the past. Scary movies (13 nights of Halloween), candy corn, fake spiders and spiderwebs, homemade chili, and deciding on what to dress up as. I've always enjoyed it. But this year, as I was looking at the Halloween decor at Smith's, I suddenly was thrilled for this Holiday! Therefore, I felt the need to buy some decorations and make our living quarters spooky and Halloween-ed out. I did my best being on a budget and I am pleased. See for yourself:

p.s.- try not to envy our cinder block walls TOO much. 

p.p.s.- this is kind of exciting that you all get to see bits and pieces of our humble abode! i've been meaning to show off our glamorous apartment via photos on the blog, but it's never clean enough when i feel the urge to do so. don't worry, i'll get to it evenutally. :)
 The witch above our little stove.
 Cobweb on the lamp. Oh and a spider.
 Spooky sign and a spooky looking tree.
 Cobwebbed the mirror. Oh and there I am.
 Caution taped the back door.
 Halloween lights!
 Nice and bright and orange!
 The candy bowl.
 and the goods inside. :)
 I went a little cobweb crazy.
 Is this a fire hazard?... but really.
 Literally, I cobwebbed just about everything. Plus isn't this bowl so cute. It's one of my favorite decorations we have!
And a bat by the front door to greet us and bid us farewell.

The end.

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