Monday, October 4, 2010

goodness wins.

Good thing about today: I got to ride my bike to school as sweet melodies sung in my ears, such as Good Life by OneRepublic (loving that song right now).

Bad thing about today: Tyson had to come pick me up from class and I had to abandon my bike, because of the pouring rain.

Good thing about today: The pouring rain has this amazing affect on me-- it makes me really happy. I feel like fall is here and Halloween is coming soon! I also feel so contemplative and my creative side really starts flowing just like the rain. These are things I love.

Bad thing about today: Rain makes me want to quit life for one day and cuddle with the husband while watching movie after movie together.

Good thing about today: Tonight, after budgetting, family home evening and homework-- husband and I can cuddle and at least watch ESPNEWS (our favorite...)

Overall, not a horrible Monday.

Plus I can't help but be so happy knowing next week is a four day school week and my Grandma's annual Halloween Party! Yessss.

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