Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Walk.

Happy General Conference Weekend!
We've been loving all of the words of wisdom and inspiration these past two days! My brain is overfilled with such great knowledge and I can't wait to put some of that into action. I always feel so refreshed after conference.

I've also been loving the beautiful Spring weather, until I woke up this morning! But I'm not mad, because it will be gone soon-- at least it better melt soon.

Well while the weather was still good last week, we had ourselves a happy, little walk the other evening.
It was sooo nice. No jackets! Hip hip hooray!
I brought my camera along, which made our walk even more exciting. :) Even though Tyson kept saying, "There's a person coming. Katie, someone's coming", while I was taking pictures of him. Embarrassed a little? Get used to it Honey! I'm bringing my camera with me on all our walks and every other adventure we take this summer. HA.

 Now for the results:

 These are our normal-smiling faces.
And these are our the laughing faces. Ha!
Our lovely Jordan River right by our casa.

1 comment:

Talia said...

I love your haircut.
And I love walks.
And I LOVE how you got your camera to take a picture of the both of you jumping!

Lets get together soon.