Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been thinking about road trips.
Probably since my last post was about our little road trip down South.

More specifically, road trip music.

Do you have certain songs or artists that remind you of road trips? Family road trips to your yearly vacation destinations?

I know I do.

There are certain artists that remind me of my family in general, or certain vacations we've taken.

Here's a few of them and what they remind me of:

Peter Cetera & Chicago
 The days of skiing together and just being with the family.

Sting &  The Police
Hawaii and Lake Powell

John Mellencamp
Driving around town with my mom.
Phil Collins
 Nothing specific, just the family in general.

The Eagles
 Road trips with just me and the parent.

Shania Twain
Always reminds me of my sisters.
Celine Dion
All girls, remember?

I love listening to these "oldies", probably because they remind me of the people I love most.

They attached to some of our favorite places and some of my favorite memories.
I love the family I came from.
I love that I had only sisters.
I love that I was the baby by almost 6 years, so I can have the relationship with my parents that I do.

I love everything about these artists.

And just for kicks. A favorite of Sting, that reminds me of my favorite places on Earth.

Lake Powell
Laie, Hawaii

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Kamille said...

Sting. U2. Annie Lenix's Medusa album. Great stuff.