Tuesday, April 19, 2011

you're only cool if you're in summer school. right?

 Today I purchased some flowers at Smith's Marketplace.
They are red and yellow ranunculus and they are beaut-i-ful.
I was a little too excited about purchasing plants, which makes me worried that I may like it when I have my own yard. I already know I'll love planting a garden, but flowers too? 
Maybe all those years of yard work are paying off. ;)

Basically, they make me excited for summertime.

Although, this summer will be unlike past summers.
That is because I will be in school. So I can graduate STAT.

At first, I thought summer semester wouldn't be too bad. 8 weeks of school, a couple of months for a break.
Well, I was WRONG-O.
You see, summer semester AT Utah State (in Logan) offers a few different summer sessions, but the main session is eight weeks. Mid-June to Mid-August.
But when you are doing distance education (like those of us down here in the Salt Lake Valley), it's a little different.
You start May 9th. Until Mid-August.
That means I'll have one whole weekend from this semester until next semester.
And a total break of two weeks where I will not be in school from now until December 16th.

IT WILL BE WORTH IT. Right? I think so. I am a bit bummed about this, but I am making the best of it and going to finish strong.
When December rolls around, I will be DONE, for the rest of my LIFE.
Plus, the way this year has already been flying right by, it should be here in no-time at all.
And in the meantime, I will try my hardest not be envious of all my friends who are graduating this semester... lucky ducks. I guess that's what I get for being indecisive. :)

I will still have a fun summer.
Number one priority: school.
Number two: having FUN.

I think I can, I think I can.....

Some photos of last summer, just to hold me you over. 
 Chacos, a campfire and the great outdoors.
*Someone's* favorite holiday.
 Thankfully this will come very soon.
Mmmm. Lion pups.
 His favorite thing next to the gospel, sports and his wife-- water.

Can you tell summer's been on our minds? 

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