Monday, April 25, 2011

The Grad.

I've got lots of fun pictures from our weekend to share with you.

Unfortunately, I am also feeling under the weather today (this time of year my immune system is the WORST).

So most of those photos will have to wait!

But there is a couple that I must share with you tonight.

My husband is so cool. Really.
I loved our little photo shoot this weekend and wondered why we don't have them more often! Right Honey?

Also, this is why I love taking pictures of my husband. He does whatever I ask him to! And he makes me laugh, but that's an "all-the-time" thing. :)

 This is his imitation of a traditional "school picture". 
I was dying.

I love my graduate!

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The Maxfield's said...

hahaha, i love these. it's perfect. good work my friend!