Saturday, April 9, 2011

Summer Young.

We're a little anxious for summer. Can you tell?

Our first summer together.
 Bike riding to Reams.
 Playing at the "fun" park.
 The Art Ball.
 Whip cream fight.
 Hiking the Wind Caves.
 Swimming in the Flume.
 Real life photo-booth.
 Our Feet + Lake Powell = Happiness.
 Rainbow Bridge.
 Jet Skiing in Lake Powell.
A little crispy. 
 Inside joke.
 Hogle Zoo on Rainy Day. :)
  Camping at Oneida.
 Fourth of July Fireworks.
Canoeing at Glendale.
 Swimming at the Logan Rec Center.
 Tyson's other true love: Bloomington.
 Bee's Game.
Hiking up Logan Canyon.
The End. 

1 comment:

Courtney Kearns said...

sheesh can we do summer with you this weekend?