Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs, In the Little Red House.
If you don't read it-- you should. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Dear Biggest Loser-- You always make my eyes well up with tears and last night was no exception. However, there was not just teary eyes, but REAL crying as I watched my favorite go home. You knows just how to tug at my heart strings, multiple times each episode.

Dear Warmer Weather-- Come and stay for a while. How about five months? I would love that!

Dear Spring-- You have reminded me why Fall is my favorite season. 

Dear Pork Salad-- Your deliciousness eased my guilt of not making dinner tonight. Although, I always eat you way too fast and end up way too full. Still, you're worth it.

Dear Husband-- Thanks for putting up with my sick whiny self this week. You're too patient and I just hope that sticks around when the kiddos come along.
and this is what he does after refusing a "solo" shot and i say, "hon, just one cute one". 
how adorable.

Dear Photo Collage on my wall-- I really love you. Every time I look at you, I'm pleased, even though it was quite the process to get you up there. You make me smile every day.

Dear Saint George-- I hope you are ready for us! We can't wait to bask in your warmth and enjoy your beautiful red rocks. I'm bringing the camera, so be on your best behavior.

Dear Netflix streaming through our Wii-- How did I not do this sooner? I love you and you're kind of addicting.

Dear Life-- Stay like this for a minute. I know I hope and wish and dream and think about the future, but I know I'll miss these days when they are gone. So just hold still for a little minute.


ALi said...

collage wall looks good, nice work.

McKell&Janeene said...

Katie, you are so cute! Great post and the wall collage is wonderful!