Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Things That Matter Most.

A good friend from High School who I cheered with recently experienced a tragedy in her life. A passing of a child, who was only a small baby.
My heart aches and yearns for her and her family. I cannot imagine the amount of grief and pain they are feeling at this time. I know that although they are struggling at this time, they have something to get them through.
The gospel of Jesus Christ.

I've never experienced something like that. Not even close. But I know during our hardest times in life, we must turn to the thing that will ultimately save us. The gospel.

This has really hit me hard. Even though I haven't spoken to her for a few years, I can't help but mourn with them.
It has also allowed me to step back and evaluate my own life.
It was like a little wake-up call to me and it reminded me of this video:

Life is short. Life is precious.
We cannot waste our time with the things that don't matter most to us.
In this world we live in, that is a very easy thing to do. So much not-so-good stuff can take up our lives. 
We must fill our lives with things that matter most to us. The people around us. Laughter. Joy. Learning. Working hard. Playing hard. Seizing the day-- every single day.

My thoughts and prayers are truly with this family at this terrible time in their lives. But there is no doubt in my mind that they are optimistic-- because they have the truth.

Cling to it. Seek for it, if you are missing it. And don't let the days pass you by. 
I know that I want to make my life better by filling my days with things that matter most to me.

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The saddest thing our family has ever experienced.