Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a few things as of lately.

Spring is such a happy time.

I love listening to my Frank Sinatra Pandora station. It makes me want to dance. It's happy.

Two of my best friends got engaged last week! Ah. I am so incredibly happy for them. I can't believe out of my four best friends from childhood, only one remains unengaged/wed (get on that JBod)!
I love it! And not only because I love weddings (but I really do). I just love seeing them so happy and in love. Especially since I know how great marriage is! So excited for Wit and Tals! Love you girls so much. Spring brings summer weddings-- such a happy thing.
i love my best friends.

One of my favorite feelings aside from a clean house and freshly done laundry is a bowl full of fresh produce sitting on my counter! I've been trying to cut processed foods out of our diet (at least out of the meals I make). That means more fresh food. I'm not complaining one little bit! Healthy food equals a happy girl.

This weekend is going to be real good. General Conference. Taking the kiddos to see Hop, which should be especially good with my Easter-obsessed nephew. Girl's night on Saturday. Hanging out with family. Eating good food, always a must for a good weekend. Can't wait! Definite HAPPINESS (are you catching on yet?)!

Yep. It's safe to say Spring is here! Scrapping our cars in the morning has NOT been cool, but we'll take all the sunshine we can get.

Happy Spring!

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