Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the house that built me

I wish I had a picture of my house that built me to go along with this song.

I love it. I really, really love it.

It makes me remember all the days I spent at my house on 950 South.
It makes me remember all the hours I spent in that room above the garage we called "the playroom", where our imaginations ran wild and we couldn't play enough "college".
It makes me remember the nights I used to spend in my bedroom with farm scenery wallpaper with a queen bed that swallowed up my little ten year old body.
It makes me remember every morning I sat at the bar eating my cereal and creating fortresses with the boxes.
It makes me remember all the time we spent playing "pocahontas" in the backyard and made ourselves sick from twirling and spinning on the swing hanging from the tree.
It makes my mind fill with memories I had with the most special people in my life, my family.
I am so happy my parents STILL live there so I can continue to build memories with my husband and my nieces and nephews and one day, my children. I love that house.

It also makes me so excited to one day have house that is a home, one that will mean a lot to my children.

Home is where the heart is. It's a place of refuge. A place of gathering. It is so much of what a family is and one day, my future home will be so much a part of my future family.

Enjoy the video. :) I love it!

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