Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last week we went to Altamont, Utah (just outside of Vernal), for a family reunion with Tyson's dad's side of the family. We stayed in this huge lodge that had a swimming pool in the backyard, a climbing wall down the dirt road and a pond down the other dirt road. There were some other fun things there too. It was great! Here are a few pictures I took, obviously.

Easton, looking adorable in his one-piece tank top.
Hunter enjoying some starbursts and dock-time at the pond.
Isabel, doing some fishing.
Nothing like laying on a dock for a quit rest.
Tyson had to jump in, of course.
Tyson and Brad, paddling away from Hilary.
Number one rock climbing champ.
Brooklyn doing a little climbing.
Her favorite part, repelling down. It lasts a long time when you're light as a feather.
Isabel did a little climbing herself.
Kirby- SO cute. Just look at the hat. Love it.
The "make" over-- aka the girls got into Angie's make-up. How beautiful!
Pretty pedicure.
Happy Hunts and Happy East.
Pretty little Kaia.
A solid game of kickball.
Kennedy and Kolony, cute girls!
Tyson getting some serious air!
We train them young.
Moving those hips!

They are kind of random and I didn't pull out my camera all the time, but we had a great time!
It was hard to come back after reality after all that fun. Hopefully there'll be another reunion in three years (that is how often they happen), because it was fun fun fun.

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