Saturday, June 5, 2010

Will's First Bath: Documented

My awesome mother and father flew me down to Sacramento, CA to meet my new cute nephew, Baby Will. He's seriously one of the cutest babies ever. I'm not just saying that. In fact, I will post some pictures to show you and they will probably continue until I leave on Monday. I can't get enough of this little guy! He's so fun to hang out with, even though he does a LOT of sleeping. Babies are incredible and you can tell they are straight from heaven. 
Love this little man
Here is Will's first bathing experience!

Pre-bath. So cute.
The cute, cute washcloths for his bath.
Getting ready for his first sponge bath!
Aunt Jordyn and Mama, the bath givers. 
Mom and Will.
Another one of will with his mama. 
He LOVED this part. Obviously.
My favorite.
Nice and dry.
Look at that face! Love it. 
Little Will. 
Clean Baby!


Shane and Stephanie said...

This is Stephanie (Nance), anyways, I just came across your blog. Your are a wonderful photographer! Tell Ali congrats for me :)

Anonymous said...

Katie - I knew these photos had to come for you. You have a great eye for stuff like this. Maybe you can give your mom and me a lesson or two.


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby. The photos are amazing, Katers. You do a lovely job, as always.

The Mills said...

Darling pics Katie! Tell Alison congrats, what a cutie!
- Lynsie Hyer Mills