Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little People I Love SPOTLIGHT: Ryan

So today I had this great idea.

I want to a little SPOTLIGHT my favorite little people in this world.
Also known as, my nieces and nephews-- all 17 (almost) of them.
They not only crack me, but they also have such sweet little spirits. 
Not to mention, some of the CUTEST kids out there. Seriously. 

We'll start from oldest to youngest, because that's a good way to go.

So, combining both sides of the family, we begin with:

Ryan Jeremy Hafen or known to his family as, R-Dawg.
9 years old.
4th grade.

Ryan was a huge-o baby. Like, 9'2" at birth and so chunky throughout his first year of life. People would look at him and wonder why he couldn't walk when he was four months old, because he looked like a one year old. 
Now-- he's a total stick. Skinny, tall and big feet-- which indicates he's got plenty of room to grow.

Ryan plays soccer and baseball and the piano, really well. He also loves his DSi (so much), Legos, Star Wars and his uncles, Tyson and Brandon. He's a great helper to his mom. You don't often see him at my parent's house, because he is always up in the playroom playing the Wii-- and he's good. He beats me in any game we play, including guitar hero. 

He's a happy kid, pretty much every time I see him. He's allergic to eggs and peanuts, but is well aware and responsible about his allergies. He always checks! 

Ry Guy will always hold a special place in my heart, because he was my first nephew. I was so excited to become an aunt when I was only twelve years of age. I loved visiting the Hafen's in Texas and playing with Ryan and his blonde curly hair (which isn't so curly anymore, sadly).

Love you R-Dawg, even though it's totally embarrassing to hug your aunt or show any affection to her at all. :)

Oh-- he also informed me that he is popular at school. All the kids know him, including the first and second graders.
And you can tell, because he's such a stud! :)

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Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

Katie!! Sounds like it's time for you to get pregnant! HAHAHA! You will be a good mommy!