Thursday, September 22, 2011


We went on our first official fall bike/long-board ride down our favorite Jordan River Trail last night.

Tyson dancing on the long-board.
Me taking one hundred pictures and Tyson checking "the scores" while I do. He's a trooper!
Out enjoying the crisp, beautiful weather together.
Tyson singing "Hold me, like the river Jordan" every time we're on the trail.
Racing along side of each other, sometimes holding hands (precious, I know).

 Off to the trail we go!
 Sunflower plus Tyson.
 Oh how he loves me taking pictures of him. Right T?
We are in love, indeed.
 His signature dance move. I love this photo!
The infamous "checking the score."
 Such a beautiful trail! Especially in the evening.
And of course, the Jordan River.

I also spent a little time yesterday compiling a "fall" playlist. It has lots and lots of songs, but I'll list my favorites:
Hold You in My Arms-- Ray LaMontagne
See the Good-- Mindy Gledhill
You Make It Real-- James Morrison
Skinny Love-- Birdy
Corner-- Allie Moss
One Day-- Matisyahu
Under the Weather-- KT Tunstall
What I Wouldn't Do- A Fine Frenzy
Sort Of-- Ingrid Michaelson
Upward Over The Mountain-- Iron & Wine
Duet-- Rachel Yamagata
Wanted-- Joshua Radin
Colby's Song-- Joshua James
Orange Sky-- Alexi Murdoch

Good, good songs that put me in the mood for the autumn season.
Along with bike rides and five thousand pictures of ourselves.
I promise we aren't vain.
I just want to remember us as we are, right now at this phase in our life.

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Jessica Lynn said...

I LOVE YOU TWO. Why are you so attractive?