Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I know it's now Wednesday, but I started this post on Monday. Therefore I'm still going to post it, even though we are closer to the next weekend than the last... 

We had a lovely weekend spent up in our favorite little valley (a.k.a-- Cache Valley).

We spent time with family.
I went to the Farmer's Market.
T played football.
Ate at our favorite Logan sushi spot.
Watched some more football-- including attending a disappointing Utah State game.
Played with baby bunnies.
Made my favorite dessert-- Peach Delight.

And cuddled this little guy as much as we could! Our newest little nephew, Baby Keaton.

It's so fun to have a newborn around again. 
It makes me very anxious for our little niece to get here (she's due to be here in two weeks, but I'm hoping she makes an early appearance).

We love the weekends-- who doesn't? We're looking forward to this next weekend. BYU vs. USU game, time in Springville, General Conference and hopefully a fall drive to see all the pretty changing colors! Yep. This is a super time of year.

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