Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

A little update on our lives:

I started school again last week. This is my second to last semester! I will be done in MAY and I cannot wait. ETTE-- yes, I am Enduring To The End!

We had such a great summer. We played A LOT and loved every second. Although I will dearly miss summer, playing, water, BBQ's and hanging out-- I'm a little excited to get into a routine again. 

Tyson is still working hard, always! Love that guy for all he does for us. He's a keeper! :)
We are going to keep soaking up the warm weather and any time we have together. We are loving where we live, including our ward! It'll be sad to leave this place one day... but we're enjoying it while we can. 
That's basically the latest with us. 
I am going to start blogging some more summer pictures soon.
So stay tuned!

Oh yeah-- fun fact: we've been married for one year and a half in a week! Yipee!