Monday, February 7, 2011


This guy is 24 today.

I'd say he's changed a little bit-- although I still think he's as cute as can be.

In celebrating 24 years, I think I'll make a list of 24 things that Tyson loves.
  1. His wife. :)
  2. His family
  3. My family
  4. All of his nieces and nephews, most kids in general
  5. Steak
  6. Country Music
  7. The Red Sox
  8. The Utah Jazz
  9. The USU Aggies, football and basketball
  10. Sports, sports and more sports
  12. Playing football/basketball/volleyball and being active
  13. Falling asleep on the couch watching TV
  14. Wearing hats, especially Red Sox ones
  15. Having super short hair
  16. Summertime and warm weather
  17. The Fourth of July and America
  18. Swimming-- he always talks about his "gills"
  19. Camping and being outdoors 
  20. Serving others and making everyone around him happy
  21. Wearing a good pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt
  22. Being a college graduate, using his degree
  23. Speaking Spanish and his mission
  24. The gospel
I could keep going, obviously. 
I love my guy.
I'm glad he's such a good person, because he truly is.
He'll be a good dad one day too. 

Happy Birthday T.


The Maxfield's said...

Number 5: Steak.
Joey thinks this is hilarious :) haha

Happy Birthday Tys!

Michelle said...

katie your adorable and thanks for the sweet comments!! and yes i would love too that would be so fun :] love ya girl

love m.