Friday, January 22, 2010

Honeymoon? CHECK!

Well, we have some exciting news...

We booked our honeymoon! Yayaya! It was kind of a struggle to find the right cruise for a good price, but we found one.

On March 13th, just one day after the BIG day, we are setting sail on the Sapphire Princess Cruise ship to MEXICO. 7 Nights. Paradise. Yes, please.

{Therefore, our open house will now be moved to March 27th, 2010.}

We are just really glad to have it booked and way excited to go! We just wish it was tomorrow so we can escape this snowy weather! But we can wait and it will be fun to go when the time comes!

48 days. Yes, still counting. Woohoo!

Click HERE to see our paradise honeymoon cruise ship.

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