Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've been boycotting the blog.

Let me tell you why.

It's a little thing called Google+.

I've heard it's awesome. I got an invitation. I accepted. I like it! But I'm kind of holding a grudge.

Why you ask? 

Well. As I was setting up my profile, I wanted my picasa albums to be hidden on my profile. At first, I couldn't figure out how to do it. So realizing that the albums were mostly uploaded for miscellaneous non-important purposes, I just thought-- might as well just delete them.

BAD idea when I accidentally deleted the album that links to my blog-- therefore, deleting all the pictures on the blog. Yes I cried-- I was upset! I want to make this little blog bloggity into a book one day and what's a book without pictures?! So I'm going back through old posts and uploading pictures again. THANK goodness for those posts that I labeled all the photos. So far I have a good idea of what photos go where and let's hope it stays that way! 

So, I'm working on erasing my grudge after accidentally erasing my pictures.

Be patient with me while I bring the blog back to life! 

Oh and if anyone knows why my photos on my photo blog aren't showing up (I did NOT erase that album, so I'm confused as to why they aren't showing up)? Help?


The Richins said...

oh my gosh! katie! I didn't realize that could even HAPPEN with a blog! I'm so sorry!!! :(

The Maxfield's said...

Oh dear how awful! Selfishly I'm glad I snagged those pictures of hazel while they were still up :) good luck with the repairs!