Monday, August 15, 2011

Seasons Change.

I love summer.
I love being outside enjoying nature.
I love camping.
I love Lake Powell.
I love playing with my favorite kids.
I love time spent with family.
I love living in comfy skirts and white v-necks.

I love it. I really do.

But I must admit-- there's a part of me that's ready to be home for more than four days at a time.
To have a schedule, a routine.
To have a fresh start, a new semester (my second to last-- holla!).
To start wearing tights, boots and skirts.
To see the pretty leaves changing colors.
To take pictures of lovely people (contact me about family pictures, portraits-- ahem, seniors-- and kids! I have some fall promos I'll be sharing soon)!

I love summer, but I love fall. 
I'll be soaking up these last few weeks of summer and then welcoming fall with open arms. :)

P.S.-- I know I've been saying this all summer, but this time it is for reals. I have approximately five hundred pictures to show you from our summer. Or maybe a few less than five hundred. Either way, stay tuned for many, many, many pictures.

P.P.S.-- My blogs will soon have pictures again. Just so you know. I'm working on that and trying not to hold a grudge against google.

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