Thursday, June 9, 2011


This has been quite a week.

My favorite Arkansan baby went home, as well as my sis and bro-in-law.
My husband went to AZ for a three week training.
Our car was towed.
My hard drive crashed.
I've been a loner.

But aside from all the whining and pity parties, there has been some sunshine peeking through the clouds!


I'm taking a trip to AZ next week to see the Husband and spend some time baking in the sun! 
Simply Mac was able to recover ALL my data on my computer, even though we had to pay for a new hard drive a repair expenses, I was so so happy to have everything. I also learned a very valuable lesson; BACK-UP YOUR INFO FREQUENTLY
I've been focusing on my school work and becoming great friends with Netflix.
So I have LOTS of pictures to update. From the past three weeks. Birthdays, parties, Memorial Day, cute kiddos and much more. So stay tuned... :)

Just one for now:
Cutie cousins!

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