Wednesday, June 1, 2011

we start 'em young!

Am I becoming too obsessed with my niece? She's been the star of my last three posts.
I can't help it! She's too darn cute and too hilarious not to be the feature story.

Tonight, at her big brother's baseball game, she insisted on taking pictures with my camera.

"My turn!" "I do it!" "Dis button, D-T?" "Say cheese!"

So great.

Here are a few snapshots from Lolo's perspective.

Not too shabby, eh?

Here's a few that I took at the game (none of the game, sadly! I was a bit distracted by the little lady and baby boy).
 Wind up.
 This picture makes me laugh so hard.
I told her there was a princess in my lens to get her to look at the camera.
Obviously it was a little confusing!

And here's a picture we snapped of her, because she looked too cute not to document.

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C&L said...

i love this whole post! lauren is so cute!