Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Future Aggie becomes Aggie Alumni.

Head on over to my photo blog for the best before and after you've ever seen.

I'm serious.

It's that good.

Want a preview? Okay:

Now click HERE.


Katie Evans Photography said...

Hi! I know this is so randam but I saw your photography blog and was interested because I'm also a photographer and because My name is Katie Perkes! Well...I'm married now so it's Katie Perkes Evans. I live in Austin, TX now but I graduated from Utah State in 2000! What a coincidence. Anyway, you have a beautiful family and take just beautiful pictures! Just thought I'd say Hi from one Katie Perkes photographer to another! :)

Jord said...

What an awesome picture! Great idea Katie.

ALi said...

I love this picture.