Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Two posts in one day, I know.
Just bear with me...

I have a few thoughts to express. I just did a little facebook looking and blog stalking and I came to this conclusion:

Being so close to marriage to such a great person makes me reflect on a lot of things!
Mostly things that have happened in the past few years.
I could really go on and on telling you stories of what happened, things I experienced, trials I went through, happy times, coincidences that weren't so coincidental and so forth.
But I'll sum it up and just say things:
everything happens for a reason.
What we want sometimes, isn't what we need.
Things change, often times for the better. or even the best.

Meeting Tyson when I did was definitely for the best.
It was unexpected.
It was a little scary at first.
I was nervous. I didn't want to get hurt.
But I knew it was right.
I felt it! From the very start. And I just went with that feeling.
Things progressed and just got better and better.
We fell in love. The best love either of us has ever experienced. REAL love.
That only grew. Especially as I moved home. Especially as I went to Europe this summer to learn and grow.
I came home. Still in love. Marriage was going to happen. When? We figured that out.
Engaged October 30th.
And now here we are, 9 days out from marriage.
Wow. What a journey it has truly been! Not just for us, but in my life as I look back since I even started college. SO much has changed. SO so much has happened.
This is BY far the best thing to ever happen.
I am grateful.
Not only to have the greatest person for me, but to feel peace with it. So much peace!
To not have to cry any more tears over boys.
To not doubt.
But just to know. To feel happy. To be content. To be right where we should doing right what we should be doing.
Everything that is about to happen in the next week and a half has, in a way, been a long time coming.
I hope to take the time to enjoy and soak up every single moment.
It won't be perfect, but it will be full of happiness.

I am getting married. This is it! This is what I have waited for my whole 20 years and 9 months.
And it's only the beginning.

I am so glad it's to HIM. He's great. If you know him, you know that. No doubt about it.

I could say a lot more, but I will leave it at that.

I have a great {almost} husband. He came to me by no coincidence. I needed him. I still do. I always will. He's my best friend! To put it simply. We are best friends forever, and I plan to not spend anything short of forever with him.

Thank you for letting things fall into place and things happen this way. The RIGHT way.

the end.

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