Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sooo. A few weeks ago my nephew Connor turned the big 8! For his party they rented one of those blow up slides and set it up in their church. All the nieces and nephews (and even adults) had a blast going down the slide and jumping around in the giant blow up toy. Connor was baptized soon after his birthday and we're so happy for him! These kids sure do grow up fast. :)

Below: Photos.
Of course.

Wasted from the slide.
Abby, not so happy to be going down the slide.
The Birthday Boy sliding down.
My "big" kid.
Please notice the monkey. I just noticed this. Love it.
She's adorable.
Hey Hunter. You're adorable too.
Cupcakes are yummy.
A nice goose egg for Abs.
Side view.
We're cool.
They're friends.
East. So cute.
Love that face.
I know Easton is blurred, but this is darling. Best uncle ever.
Happy Abby!
Nice hair Miss Izzy.
I love this little girl.
This was part of the cake. Made by Angie-- and it was stellar.

The End.
I love birthdays.
Especially kid ones. Best!


Michelle said...

love all the pics darling!!!

Kati said...

So cute. I bet the Perkes are so happy to have you in their family! You are stellar!