Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marching into MARCH

March is the best month, officially.

For a few reasons, namely:

- WEDDING. Come on, that was obvious.

- Spring Break=Cruising to Mexico!

- The Start of Spring (hopefully).

- The beginning of the Marriage life living in our cute apartment loving life.

Yep. It's a goooood month. The best one ever, I think.

9 days, folks.
Loving that single digit sound!

And if you are wondering what we have been up to lately, it's a little thing I'd like to call: wedding planning, wedding preparing, wedding everything. Oh and school. And work. And getting ready for life after the wedding. Yep-- busy.
But we love life and we are enjoying it... so friends, during this month:

Enjoy March!

(this is us. loving life. obviously!)

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