Thursday, November 8, 2012


Looking at these pictures is making me realize how fast my baby is growing up. SO bitter sweet.

We decided to go up to Squaw Peak one evening when Fall was at it's "peak" (haha!) a.k.a. towards the end of September.
I am so glad we did. Provo Canyon was beautiful! These pictures don't do it justice.

One day these boys are going to look back and be so pleased with all the photos I took of them throughout our journey of life together.:)

I can't quite let go of fall just yet-- especially with this beautiful weather we've been having.
It's been my favorite fall yet with Mr. B in our lives and school not in them.

Oh how I love being a family a three. 

 My sweet baby bear.


Leslie Christensen said...

oh my gosh i love his face so much!!

Brittany and Jason said...

Truth is I just want to steal him.