Thursday, June 14, 2012

snow-cones and sleepless nights.

Currently loving:

Sales at the Baby Gap: they have my favorite baby boy clothes!
Snow-cones, milkshakes, slurpees, nugget ice-- anything COLD.
Bike rides with Ty Per.
Evenings at the ballpark watching the kiddos play.
Baby boy's nursery: it's really coming together and I am loving it!
To go along with that, the quilt I made for him. I love the way it turned out.
Fruit of any kind-- tastes so good.
The relationship I have been rekindling with my camera.
5:30 every day when I get to hang out with Tys.

Looking forward to:
July, duh. Baby month!
Finally being DONE with classes and college.
My favorite season of Fall.
Drives and walks with T and the babe.
A clear calendar with no plans and no tests/assignments. I love looking at September!
Wearing 95% of my wardrobe once again.
And just plain being a mama. 

Some days are long and I am tired and I know it's only the start of that feeling. :)
I know sleep will be deprived.
Showers will become a luxury.
And my time will be spent nursing and changing poopy diapers.

But I am still happy. And I still look forward to those days!
My baby will be here and that will be enough for me.
Plus I've got the best guy around to help me figure out our new life, together. :)

Bring it on, July. Bring on motherhood, sleepless nights and the happiest days of our lives.

Until then, I'll wait and let my baby cook a little longer while I enjoy a nice, cold snow-cone at the ballpark.

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