Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go back to Logan and walk at the commencement ceremonies.

I am nearly-after-i-finish-two-online-summer-classes a college graduate!
Walking was something I really wanted to do-- even being seven months pregnant! 
Logan was where I started my college education-- and where I spent the first three and a half years-- so I wanted to finish there as well.

So many memories came flooding back to me! 
I will always love Utah State. 
It's where I really discovered who I was and what I believe in. 
It's where I made lifelong friends. 
And it's where I met that best-o of mine!:)
Logan will always have a piece of me.

 Aggie for life!

My dad who serves on the Utah Education Board of Regents was able to hand me my diploma cover. That was such a neat experience! It was fun to see my dad dressed up in graduation garb watching his last daughter graduate from college! 

 Parading through campus, making ridiculous faces (apparently).
 In a sea of graduates-- Hi Mom!
 The people who got me to where I am today!
 My number one fan.
 Aggie Grads!
 All of my supporters!
 My awesome in-laws!
 Sisters- minus Al!
 Baby getting some recognition for making the walk with me. :)

Now I leave behind that stage of my life and take on the next: motherhood. 
And you know, I couldn't be more excited about my post-college plans! I think this boy will be a pretty cute daily companion.

33 weeks down, 7 to go! It's creeping up on us. We're a little nervous (or a lot), but we can't wait to meet this little man.


Chelsea Bitner said...

You are such a cute momma-to-be. Congrats on graduating - that is so exciting. Good luck with the new baby!

Hannah said...

Ahhh congrats Katie!! I'm so happy for you! College grad and momma to be! Yay!!! USU will always hold a special place in my heart too, so many fun memories! I'm so glad I went there, even if it was just for a year because i met you!