Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bennett's Arrival.

A few photos from Bennett's arrival into this world.

Last photo of my big belly!
Starting the process!
 We were pretty excited (little did we know it would be 28+ hours until we met our little man).
 Tyson geared up for the c-section (obviously we are big thumbs up people).

**Sparing you some gory photos**
 He's here! Finally!
 Getting weighed.
 10 lbs 3 oz-- still a little shocked about that.
 Being measured.
 Seeing my baby for the first time.
 Our first look at our boy! Love.
First family photo.
 Getting checked out. Already a happy boy!
 Big Bennett.
 Sweet, perfect boy.
 Long baby foot.
 Love my B.
 These two... my favorite.
 Flowers for Bennett! Lucky Boy. Thanks Allen Family and Grandma Natalie & Grandpa Wilford!
 Loves his Daddy already!
Getting dressed to come home.
 Baby bear all ready to go home.
 First car ride-- slept the whole time!
 Welcome Home Baby Bennett!

We love our boy so very much. 
It's been an amazing journey so far. 

Time... slow down just a teensy tiny bit.


sarah said...

He's so cute, Katie! I love the black and white picture of Tyson holding him. I'm impressed you're still so photographically talented right after having a baby! All the pictures are beautiful. Congratulations!

Courtney Kearns said...

Love love love love love love love love love love love all of these. The End.