Thursday, July 5, 2012


This year for the Fourth we stuck close to home, since baby is due any day now.

My parents reserved a pavilion up Hobble Creek Canyon, so we had a little camp-out (however at 39 weeks pregnant, I slept at home) and enjoyed the day up the canyon! 
We had a great time eating good food, playing with bubbles, exploring for the kids, golfing for the guys, and enjoying the cooler temperatures up in the mountains. 
We hope to make a canyon camp-out an annual activity! 
We do love nature.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked-- but here are a few that I did.

I started feeling a little "overly ripe" towards the end of the day.
That pretty much sums up how I am still feeling.
Ready for this baby to come more than ever...

Needless to say, this is a good test of patience-- something I will be needing as a mama.
Until then, I will continue writing out the name we are 75% sure of, checking the last couple of things off my to-do list, and doing anything the internet suggests to naturally induce labor. 
Lots and lots of walks and Mexican food-- coming right up!
Hopefully a baby will soon follow. 

And the photos!
(Lots of Will-- filling in as his pseudo photo-taking mom).

 Baby Leah!
 Cousins hugging it out.
 Enjoying his "teat!"
 Melia & Leah.
 One of Will's favorite babysitters!
 Another favorite babysitter!
 Tyson being too cool for a picture.
 Cousins conversing over s'mores.
 Jazz hands for the big bubbles.
 Leah and Emma-- cute sisters.
 Hi Leah!
 Will loves Anna!

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