Friday, March 30, 2012


My boy is growing! I can tell because:

A. My clothing selection of what currently fits me is more and more limited.
B. My belly is starting to get in the way.
C. And I am getting a few karate kicks to the belly every day, which I don't mind. It lets me know that he is doing well and getting stronger! Just what we like. 

We love our little buddy. 
Somedays I just want him here already, in my arms, born and out of my belly.
Other days, I am glad he is still in there growing big and giving his daddy and me a little more time with just the two of us. 

I don't know if I have ever been this happy.
Or this in love with my husband.
While we are excited for him to be here, we are enjoying just being us for a little longer.
I know our world is going to change a whole lot come July.
And we are ready (mostly-- still need to buy a few things like a crib and car seat and all that jazz)!
So we are taking each day at a time, eating dinner together, going on walks around the neighborhood, reading The Hunger Games each night and trying to catch a few zzzz's when we can (since we know THAT will be one of the major changes).

Here I am at 25 weeks. 
15 weeks to go!

And a BIG thank you to my fabulous photographer-- Mr. T. Perkes. You are the best, Tys!


Sandy said...

you are darling pregnant! congrats!

Kamille said...

oh my heck you are so cute. i can't wait to meet that little guy. -kac

chelseakate said...

You're such a pretty pregnant momma!

Stina said...

You look beautiful! Pregnancy is nice to you :) I'm glad to hear you two are enjoying the now-- It will never be the same!

Katie Perkes said...

Pregnancy is nice to me... for now. I had to document it before I am a swollen, beached whale! Ha! You all are so kind. Thank you, thank you! I am loving pregnancy right now. I see why the second trimester is the "golden" one!

Riley and Talia Lyman said...

You are such a cute pregnant person! I'm glad he's healthy. And hello! WE need to do something before he gets here. Me and you. Riley and Tyson. JBod and Mel. I don't care who does it with us, but we need to do it STAT. STAT means now!