Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, we finally did it. 
We got iPhones this past weekend and we are smitten!
Our very first smartphones-- and definitely the best.

One of my favorite apps: INSTAGRAM. I love love love it.
As well as Camera+.

Here are a few photos I have taken from our lovely weekend via iPhone. 
 Tada! Here she is.
Rack-o Lover.
 A little visit to our favorite ice-cream place.
 T's usual-- caramel sundae with sprinkles.
 Family Halloween party-- Kelly Kapowski (plus some clothes ;) ) and Zack Morris.
 Sleepy baby Keaton.
 Crab apples.
 The Wellsville's.
 Drive through Sardine. SO pretty right now.
 Baby Leah.
 Uncle Tyson.
 Yummy caramel apples made by my mama (and the grandkids)!

P.S.-- I'm not too sad it's already Monday, because guess who comes tomorrow?!

Yayyy! It's going to be a GOOD week. :)

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